Like a Movie Star

Audition rooms are confronting places. You're faced with at least 10 people who look just like you, are dressed just like you, and who look you up and down as though they want to kill you, or at least take a finger. They are usually a bit prettier than you, or their boots are more … Continue reading Like a Movie Star


The Trouble With Lying

If you ever go into an audition where a specific skill is required, just tell the casting director you can do it. Horse Riding? Yep. Gymnastics? Yep. Tap dancing? Of course. The audition process is a harsh one, and no actress wants to count herself out for a great role just because she's not a … Continue reading The Trouble With Lying

You’re a fighter, right?

  I'm sure every actor out there has done a bad audition. Those times when you've gone into a casting and done so awfully, abysmally bad that you lie in bed at night cringing at yourself. You literally play it over in your head hundreds of times, wondering why the fuck you acted like such … Continue reading You’re a fighter, right?