Alright guys... I'm back! Not that I went anywhere. It's been many months since my last post, so apologies to my mum who I imagine is the only person who is actually reading this. Hi mum! I went through a fairly lack lustre pilot season this year. A few callbacks, some great feedback, and I … Continue reading Loveable


Your entry to the US has been denied

Not many people I know have ever been deported from the US. And by not many, I mean no one. I had heard stories about friends of friends who were put on a flight back home at the airport, but it always seemed so far removed. Not something that could ever happen to me. I … Continue reading Your entry to the US has been denied

What am I doing here?

Los Angeles. The City of Angels. A place where dreams are made, and so often broken. I landed here at LAX for the first time when I was 19, with a heart full of dreams and a suitcase full of Vegemite. I had my shit together, and I was a fully responsible adult. I was excited about … Continue reading What am I doing here?