Like a Movie Star

Audition rooms are confronting places. You're faced with at least 10 people who look just like you, are dressed just like you, and who look you up and down as though they want to kill you, or at least take a finger. They are usually a bit prettier than you, or their boots are more … Continue reading Like a Movie Star


Your entry to the US has been denied

Not many people I know have ever been deported from the US. And by not many, I mean no one. I had heard stories about friends of friends who were put on a flight back home at the airport, but it always seemed so far removed. Not something that could ever happen to me. I … Continue reading Your entry to the US has been denied

Tickets to Nowhere

Public transport in LA really isn't that bad. You can hop on a bus fairly easily, and there is even a metro service. There are always interesting characters on the bus too, so it makes for some great people watching. I had been told upon arrival in LA that the bus is where the crazy … Continue reading Tickets to Nowhere

You’re a fighter, right?

  I'm sure every actor out there has done a bad audition. Those times when you've gone into a casting and done so awfully, abysmally bad that you lie in bed at night cringing at yourself. You literally play it over in your head hundreds of times, wondering why the fuck you acted like such … Continue reading You’re a fighter, right?

What am I doing here?

Los Angeles. The City of Angels. A place where dreams are made, and so often broken. I landed here at LAX for the first time when I was 19, with a heart full of dreams and a suitcase full of Vegemite. I had my shit together, and I was a fully responsible adult. I was excited about … Continue reading What am I doing here?